We are proud to be one of only a few small independent garages left and to be flying the flag for Gulf Motor Fuels, we are an approved controlled oils supplier, we sell the usual petrol, diesel, and paraffin. We have a shop that sells confectionary, ice cream, calor gas, coal, charcoal, logs, kindling, motor oils and coolants, screenwash, and more.

Come and visit us to see what else we have to offer.


We have an ‘Out of Hours’ Fuel pod so fuel is available 24/7 from us.

We will be happy to show you in our normal opening hours how easy it is, just ask a member of staff before you fill up.


Available Everyday

Mon-Fri: 5pm -7.30am

Fri-Sat: 5pm – 8am

Sat-Mon: 2pm – 7.30am

Watch this space, Like our Facebook page for further news and updates. https://www.facebook.com/Biddenden-Service-Station-John-Page-Trailers-107660988845845


Sign up to the Gulf loyalty card to win prizes or donate your points to our chosen charity. We have already won £1000 for Team Ben Hammond & one of customers, Jack, won the valentines day prize of a trip to Paris and £500 spending money.

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