Trailer Servicing

For any of your trailer servicing and repair needs, our skilled staff and well equipped workshop are ready for you. Keeping your trailer in good working order will ensure your safety, the safety of others and the safety of your cargo.

Both the police and VOSA are actively stopping trailers to check their roadworthiness and are issuing points as well as fines, so don’t get caught out and run the risk of points on your licence- book your service to avoid this happening.

The National Trailer and Towing Association (NTTA) recommend you have your trailer serviced every 6000 miles or every 6 months, whichever is shorter.

Your trailer will be serviced by our own fully trained engineers in our on-site workshop and you also have the peace of mind knowing we are an accredited NTTA ‘Quality Secured’ Trailer centre adhering to their code of practice that promotes: Workshop best practice, customer service and professional workmanship.

Our services include carrying out full service on any make of trailer, which includes checking the brakes, bearings, auto reverse mechanisms,  lubricating and adjusting accordingly. Checking security of shackle bolts, u bolts, and the floor. Checking all the lights, tyre pressures and the condition of tyres. Lubricating all moving parts and test.

First Service

Done within the first 3 months from purchase date is FREE.

After 3 months there is a charge of £35.00 + VAT + PARTS

Unbraked Single Axle Service

£50.00 + VAT (including sundry items).

Unbraked Twin Axle Service

£85.00 + VAT (including sundry items)

Braked Single Axle Service

£110.00 + VAT (including sundry items)

Braked Twin Axle Service

£150.00 + VAT (including sundry items)

Braked Tri Axle Service

£190.00 + VAT (including sundry items)

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