Towbar Fitting In Biddenden

At John Page Trailers Ltd, we fit a variety of towbars to suit all requirements. Whether you are looking for a fixed or a detachable towbar, we can cater for all your needs. Our highly efficient team are always happy to answer any of your questions and advise the best towbar for you, so you can call us to make a booking or if you are in need of some professional and friendly advise.

If you don’t know much about towbars then don’t be afraid to call us for some advice, we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Fixed Towbar

I am Very happy with the service I received at John Page Trailers. They fitted a new tow bar to my car in 2/3 hours so I didnt have to go without a car all day… They worked around school times for me… And wasnt too expensive either which was a bonus!! Definitely have and will continue to recommend.
Roxy Brient (tn26)

Roxy Brient

Great service, great product, great price. My first tow bar and step, fitted to my van, turned up on time and finished when they said.  I would definitely use again and recommend to my friends.

Keith Clover

Builder, Keith Clover

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7 Pin Socket

The most common form of electrical connector that has been used in the UK for many years. It provides all normal towing needs and is compatible with lighting boards, cycle racks, garden & plant trailers and horseboxes. It connects most things to a towbar where you need electricity.

Twin Socket

Provides a double adapter for you electrical needs. The switched power can also provide electricity to run fridges and additional electrical features inside your trailer.

13 PIN Socket

This single connector, which is similar size to a 7 Pin connector, but it

Electrical Kits

OE ELECTRICS KITAn OE Electrics kit means it is, manufacturers original equipment, this means that the electrics are integrated with the vehicle management system, once the kit is installed it is usually necessary to re-code the management system to enable certain features like, trailer stability programming, switching off the reversing sensors when a trailer is being towed and such like features.

This sort of kit is mainly recommended for new vehicles that are within the manufacturers warranty or/and for vehicles that have more complex management systems. If you are unsure as to which kit you prefer to have installed please feel free to discuss it further with one of our team.

PCT Logicon bypass moduleThis system acts a buffer to prevent voltage spikes being introduced to the towing vehicles digitally controlled circuits. It also eliminates the possibility of a fault within the trailers electrical circuit from damaging the electrical circuits of the towing vehicle.

The towing interface relay includes a built in audible device which buzzes when the vehicles directional indicators operate, alerting the driver that the trailer indicators are working. We hard wire this system in to your vehicle, meaning all connections are soldered to give you a professional and reliable installation.

With this type of installation the vehicle management system is not integrated and therefore features you get with an OE kit would not be activated.

If you are unsure as to which kit you prefer to have installed please feel free to discuss it further with one of our team.

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